Monday, September 13, 2010

Crash into..her trailer

Alright so it's been awhile since I've updated this bad boy

I've been super busy, I moved to Vancouver and started at the Vancouver Film School

Things are good and whatever, BUT enough about me!

I've always had an interest in Canadian Redneck's just because I find them hilarious, American rednecks are funny, but not "ha ha" funny

Well other than this one.....there must have been a sale on webcams down at the Walmart, because this southern bell went down there and picked one up, luckily it was compatible with her windows 95 computer

She set it up in the nicest corner of her trailer, pledged the shit out of the wood panel walls, and windex'd her Dale Earnhardt commemorative plaque.

The sweet tones of her Dave Mathews Band mix tape (recorded off the radio in her step dad's Chevy) echo wonderfully! Who would have thought wood paneling had such good acoustics

She put on her cleanest dirty shirt and pressed record....... the rest is history.

The key to a good webcam video, is not knowing the words or not wearing a bra, it's having a good time!



p.s don't mind all the porn adds on the website, thing of her in them and they are pleasant.

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